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How to Get More Active Without Trying?

To get more active without trying you need to know how to make small effortless steps today and everyday that will motivate you to move more. Knowing your "ABC's and 123" will help you implement the Dish Diet Plan™ Program. The best way to lose weight and to keep it off is by making small changes. Small changes is what got you to where you are today. The small changes were in the wrong direction. Now you can reverse that by making small changes in the opposite direction. You can start by reading our book :).

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To give you a head start here are some simple actions you can take today to add more activity to your daily routine:

Get more active with all your daily routine

As you go through your daily routine look for ways to increase your activity. If your starting pointis no activity start by thinking about how to make everything you do with a little more effort and a little more movement. It's a state of mind. Our brain is programmed by our experience to make things as effortless as possible. So you are fighting your innerself and need to convince yourself the the extra effort is good for you :). Little by little you will change your mindset to be more focused on being active then being "lazy". As you become more and more active you will find that the activities that were a chore are becoming more of a joy due to the feeling of accomplishment. Our book can help you get more insight to make these small changes. Once you've got more movement and in your daily routine your next step is to fit physical activity that you enjoy into your daily routine.

Make physical activity a regular part of the day

Choose activities that you enjoy and can do regularly. Fitting activity into a daily routine can be easy — such as taking a brisk 10 minute walk to and from the parking lot, bus stop, or subway station. You can start by increasing your walks a little more each day. Steps like pennies add up quickly for greater value. Or, join an exercise class. Keep it interesting by trying something different on alternate days. Every little bit adds up and doing something is better than doing nothing.

Make sure to do at least 10 minutes of activity at a time, shorter bursts of activity will not have the same health benefits. For example, walking the dog for 10 minutes before and after work or adding a 10 minute walk at lunchtime can add to your weekly goal. Mix it up. Swim, take a yoga class, garden or lift weights. To be ready anytime, keep some comfortable clothes and a pair of walking or running shoes in the car and at the office.

More ways to increase physical activity

At home:

  • Join a walking group in the neighborhood or at the local shopping mall. Recruit a partner for support and encouragement.
  • Push the baby in a stroller. (only if you have a baby available :))
  • Get the whole family involved — enjoy an afternoon bike ride with your kids.
  • Walk up and down the soccer or softball field sidelines while watching the kids play.
  • Walk the dog — don't just watch the dog walk.
  • Clean the house or wash the car.
  • Walk, skate, or cycle more, and drive less.
  • Do stretches, exercises, or pedal a stationary bike while watching television.
  • Mow the lawn with a push mower.
  • Plant and care for a vegetable or flower garden.
  • Play with the kids — tumble in the leaves, build a snowman, splash in a puddle, or dance to favorite music.
  • Exercise to a workout video.

At work:

Get off the bus or subway one stop early and walk or skate the rest of the way. Replace a coffee break with a brisk 10-minute walk. Ask a friend to go with you. Take part in an exercise program at work or a nearby gym. Join the office softball team or walking group.

At play:

  • Walk, jog, skate, or cycle.
  • Swim or do water aerobics.
  • Take a class in martial arts, dance, or yoga.
  • Golf (pull cart or carry clubs).
  • Canoe, row, or kayak.
  • Play racquetball, tennis, or squash.
  • Ski cross-country or downhill.
  • Play basketball, softball, or soccer.
  • Hand cycle or play wheelchair sports.
  • Take a nature walk.
  • Most important — have fun while being active!

If all this is still too much for you and you are overweight, try to lose some weight first and all these activities will require a lot less effort. Getting the right standard size of your dishware and using it to lose weight can help you get there with alot less effort.


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