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Dish Diet Plan™ is Now Available for Families and Groups!

We have expanded the plan so that families and groups of friends can receive a discounted rate on our products and benefit from each others support. A family of four can start together. They can use the same dishes that helped so many succeed in trimming their portion size.


Together the group members can transform their kitchens, their pantries and their lives.


You can start together now...



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Counting calories and measuring food tends to go hand-in-hand with dieting. But with Danuta Highet and Roberta Cahn's new Dish Diet, you won't have to do either. more...



Get Started with the Book

There are many ways to get you started on a new way of eating. You can simply get the book, read it and get started by simply following the few easy steps that are described in the book.


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Get Started with the Dishware

A set of dishware for one can get you on your way. It comes with easy to follow instructions plus you will get the PDF version of the book with the dishware.

You will be ready to go as soon as you wash the dishes and start using them.


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Get more information and find out what portions your current dishware is dishing out for you. Get access to Tools and Tips.

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