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Our Mission: Transform Lives One Dish at a Time




Dish Diet™Tip 101

You need the right tools for the job to succeed. Even though you can use a brick to put a nail in the wall it is not as good a tool as a hammer. Same with eating right all the time you need dishware that will help you lose weight, keep it off and maintain weight. Your dishes impact how much you eat.

Dish Diet™Tip 104

Like to cook! Cooking larger amounts is more efficient but it will make it harder to diet! UNLESS you serve your dish size and pack leftovers in the freezer right away. Select freezer containers that are the same as your dish size, that way when you diffrost you will have perfect portion size and will not be tempted to overeat.

Dish Diet™Tip 107

Leave snacking for the birds! Chances are that snacking is making you feel more hungry. Same size portions spread evenly throughout the day will keep your metabolism going all day long. Birds snack all day but they also fly all day long!

Dish Diet™Tip 110

Caloric Density Mark™ matters. Selecting foods that have lower CDM™ will let you enjoy bigger dish size. You can lower the CDM™of mashed potatoes by mixing ingredients that have lower CDM™. For example adding broccolli. You will increase the CDM™ if you add butter or sour crem!



Dish Diet™Tip 102

Physical activity get's harder and harder as you gain weight and do less. This phenomena works in reverse as well: WHEN YOU LOSE WEIGHT AND GET MORE ACTIVE PHYSICAL ACTIVITY GETS EASIER AND EASIER!

Dish Diet™Tip 105

Are you having tougher time to stick to your portion? Is it at night when you are sitting and watching TV? Your brain may just not get enough activity when you are trying to relax. You can increase your physical activity like walking on a treadmill or lifting weights while watching your favorite show.

Dish Diet™Tip 108

One overstuffed meal can send you back craving more food. Do you notice that after holidays it's so hard to lose weight. When your brain gets lot's of food it thinks that it needs the same amount all the time. You need to go back and retrain your brain again. BETTER stick to your dish size throughtout holidays and you'll get through them painlessly.

Dish Diet™Tip 111

Curb temptation from your Fatty Buddy! Store ready to eat foods in closed opaque containers or keep them in the freezer.



Dish Diet™Tip 103

Small steps are easier to achieve and can add up to great results. Saving a $1 a day will get you $365 at the end of the year. Reducing your daily calorie intake by 100 calories will help you lose 10 pounds in a year.

Dish Diet™Tip 106

If your dish size got smaller and smaller keeping the oversized utensils will make it harder to transition to the next smaller size. Reduce the size of your utensils to keep up with the smaller dish size.

Dish Diet™Tip 109

Drinks pound lots of calories and your brain does not acknowledge receiving them. Put your drinkware on Dish Diet asap. Want to add more water to your daily diet, increase the size of the water container. Have a tough time getting away from the sweet sodas? Dilute them with a club soda a little more at a time until you don't need to drink it at all.

Dish Diet™Tip 112

Your friends can help you lose weight. Beware of friends that make it more difficult for you when you spend time together. You may need to limit the time you spend together or try and find new activities together that will help the situation.