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The Founder of Dish Diet Are Hitting the Pavement


Taking her message to the public.


She is committed to getting the message out that right sizing your portion works. She is speaking to groups and demonstrating to them the current portion distortion. "Seeing is believing" and many participants are astonished at the recommended portions in their own dishware. This is why Danuta is dedicating her efforts to change how we see our food and how we eat. Contact us for more information or if you'd like to experience the dynamic presentation.



Too Much on Your Plate?


Maybe the Problem Is The Size of Your Plate.


That's what moms Danuta Highet was thinking when she decided to put thought into action by creating The Dish Diet...a program that tackles American's ongoing issues with diet and portion control. The Dish Diet Program is unique, it focuses on how you eat and not on what you eat. "Many diet programs...


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We just released the Dish Diet™ book


The book "The Dish Diet™: Watch Your Plate Not Your Weight" is easy and fun to read. Learn why the Dish Diet works for so many and find out the truth about portion control and why it's so tough to control it.


See how and why the dishware you use to eat your meals is so important in your success of losing weight and keeping it off.


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Counting calories and measuring food tends to go hand-in-hand with dieting. But with Danuta Highet's new Dish Diet, you won't have to do either. more...



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There are many ways to get you started on a new way of eating. You can simply get the book, read it and get started by simply following the few easy steps that are described in the book.


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A set of dishware for one can get you on your way. It comes with easy to follow instructions plus you will get the PDF version of the book with the dishware.

You will be ready to go as soon as you wash the dishes and start using them.


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