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Dish Diet ABC and 123 Plan™ - Caloric Density Mark™ (CDM™ ) of Common Food

Knowing your "ABC's and 123" will help you implement the Dish Diet™ Program. FInd out more about Caloric Density Mark™ and it's importance whe you make food choices, in our book "The Dish Diet: Watch Your Plate Not Your Weight".

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Here are CDM's™ of some popular foods:





Caloric Density Mark™ (CDM™ ) :



2% fat milk A
McFlurry® with M&M'S® Candies D
avocado oil N
pink lemonade (A&P) A
Del monte refried beans B
Del Monte chili C
shredded carrots A
mashed banana B
Contadina alfredo sauce C
camembert cheese F
Hershey's milk chocolate chips G





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